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Al-Assad Story

Why Syrian government is not anti-imperialist or even anti-Zionist

Let us go back to 1967 when Hafez Al-Assad was the Syrian minister of defence, he was directly considered responsible of the defeat in the Six-Day War in 1967,

On September 15 1970, King Hussein declared martial law. The next day, Jordanian tanks (the 60th Armored Brigade of the Jordanian Army) attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organizations in Amman; the army also attacked camps in Irbid, Salt, Sweileh, Baq’aa,Wehdat and Zarqa. When a part of the Syrian army under the command of the Palestine Liberation Army’s (PLA) Syrian branch, decided to help Palestinian, They were met by the 40th Armored Brigade of the Jordanian Army. The Syrian Air Force, under orders of Assad, never entered the battle. Three thousand to more than five thousand Palestinian fighters were killed.

After being discredited by the failure of the Syrian military in the Six-Day War in 1967, and enraged by the aborted Syrian intervention in the Jordanian-Palestinian September war, the government faced conflict within its ranks. By the time President Nureddin al-Atassi and the de facto leader, deputy secretary general of the Ba’ath Party Jadid, realized the threat and ordered Assad and Tlass be stripped of all party and government power, it was too late. Assad swiftly launched a bloodless intra-party coup, the Corrective Revolution of 1970. The party was purged, Atassi and Jadid jailed, and Assad loyalists installed in key posts throughout the government.

The war with Israel on October 1973 (war of October) (for me it is the play of October) since it is presented by the Syrian government as a victory, although by the end of the war the Israeli army had invaded large areas of Syria, and taken up positions 40 km from Damascus.) after this date and until now Israel’s border with Syria was the most safe, calm, and quite borders .

On August 12, 1976. Al-assad army with some Lebanese farmed fractions (Phalange, Guardians of the Cedars and Tiger militia forces ), all those attacked the biggest gathering of Palestinians fighters in the camp of tel al-Zaatar, it was a massacre since the camp has more than 60000 Palestinian refugees in addition to 2500 PLO fighters, 1500 palestinian killed (1200 of them were civilians), between the leaders of the armed Lebanese fraction was (Michel Aoun ) the actual friend of the Syrian regime.

Another strike to the Palestinians after his role in black September
On May 19, 1985, heavy fighting erupted between Amal and Palestinian camp militias for the control of the Sabra, Shatila and Burj el-Barajneh camps in Beirut. Amal was supported by the predominantly Shiite Sixth Brigade of the Lebanese Army commanded and by some units of the predominantly Christian Eighth Brigade loyal to General Michel Aoun (again) stationed in East Beirut. Virtually all the houses in the camps were reduced to rubble.

Amal was heavily backed by Syria and indirectly supported by Israel (Yes , Israel), whereas the PLO did not enjoy much outside support. Amal also had the advantage over the PLO in terms of equipment, especially armoured vehicles (provided directly by the Syrian army), Amal was supported by the Israel Air Force (IAF) launched several air strikes against Palestinian positions (Saidon 1986).

This war (war of the Camps) has ended by getting all the Palestinian fighter expelled from Lebanon (Another dirty role by Assad against Palestinian resistance).

This is the support that Al-Assad regime has given to the Palestinian resistance, do you still considering him as an anti-Zionist and resistance supporting hero!!!!!!.

And his son

In 2000, When Bashar came to power, all the Syrian people was supporting him, though he wasn’t democratically elected, but for the people -who were thinking like some amnesiac now- for them a radical changes will get the country in the chaos and they preferred to have Bashar who promised them that there will be a huge political and economic changes, everybody believed him then including me.

In fact a lot of people believed him too, like Aref Dalila who in 2001 was among activists buoyed by a sense of optimism as Bashar al-Assad, the young, new president was feeling his way into office. Such was mood that the period was dubbed the Damascus spring.

But a bleak reality check hit in September of that year as Mr Dalila and nine others were rounded up in a government crackdown.

His crime was to argue for reforms and speak out against corruption from the top down – an issue he could claim to be an authority on as one of the country’s leading economists who had served as a professor at universities in Aleppo and Damascus. Others note that he stood out as a rare critical voice from the Alawite sect, the minority to which the president belongs and which has dominated power since the late Hafiz al-Assad took power in 1970.

And while the Syrian government has enjoyed a remarkable recent turnround on the diplomatic front, human rights activists claim little has changed in their arena since Mr Dalila was picked up at his flat by plain clothes security agents. A number of prominent activists arrested with Mr Dalila and released before him find themselves back behind bars, along with dozens of others detained for political reasons.

Few activists expect that situation to improve in spite of thawing international relations.

14 secret intelligence agents were active, while only 5 universities were available, and it was much easier to Syrian citizens to be captured and to get in on of these agents rather than get to study in the university.

In 11 year, nothing has change but to the worse, corruption is the daily bread of all Syrians, unemployment rate is 20% of active population, capitalism is slowly installed in Syria, and nothing left of socialism but a meaningless adjective on the official papers.

Why I am writing this?

Because I can see that some people doesn`t know the real face of Al-Assad regime, and their principal in life is (go where no Imperialist or US politician goes), so they see in the fake support of USA to Syrian people as an indication that their uprising is nothing but an occidental conspiracy?

This is completely wrong…

Wrong because USA and Allies are not supporting Syrian people and is giving time after time to Bashar to finish their uprising (and they keep their public speech about supporting Syrian people, in order to keep handling the stick from the middle.

We have seen USA invading Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Iraq, Greenland, and other countries without listening to the Russian or Chinese opinion or getting their approval, why now they are so interested in it and they do nothing with Security Council resolution?

We are living now this brutal repression underway in Syria. What is the proper response when the democratic impulse in any given country is thwarted by the excessive and inhumane use of state force?

Some still speaking about peaceful and democratic transition! isn’t it cruel to wonder about the very possibility of democratic transformation in the face of mass killings? When people are staking their lives on revolutionary ideals, is this just an irrelevant intellectual pursuit? As liberals or leftists, must we not believe that transformation is really possible anyway?

But then there are the facts. And one of them is that Syrian regime has long possessed one of the most brutal mechanisms of state control in the region. And as indiscriminate killing rains down on civilians, students of history cannot help but see echoes of the deadly 1982 Hama massacre.

Syrian people need nothing but humanity with conscious.

I still believe, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, that the “arc of history bends toward justice.”
(Note: An Italian version of this article is available now, thanks to Mary Rezzo for here valuable effort in translating it to Italian)

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  2. danielmabsout

    you are trying to use certain historical events in order to camouflage what is happening now , therefore you are using history in order to distort actual facts , and this is not proper nor impartial nor objective , this is bias and out of actual context , if the Syrian regime suffers from corruption this does not mean that what is happening right now is in order to straighten things or to bring freedom or implement human rights ,this is an aberration because what is happening now in Syria is the work of armed thugs who were introduced to Syria through neighboring Countries , First from Iraq and Jordan then from Turkey and Lebanon ; the real local opposition in Syria of people who were incarcerated like Michel Kilo and Fayez Sara have nothing to do with the actual bloody events and are in fact crippled by the development of actual events and the Arab and foreign interference which is resented by this local opposition as has been revealed recently by Wikileaks , the facts are and confirmed by Lebanese authorities that thousands of Arabs coming from many Arab countries mainly Libya are to be found in north Lebanon ready to be smuggled to Syria with arms and equipment , the most active front now is the Lebanese/ Syrian borders were armed thugs are being equipped and introduced day and night whereas tons of ammunitions have been captured on Lebanese ships crossing the Lebanese waters and heading to North Lebanon where they will be handed to the armed thugs, these ships filled with weapons including anti tank and anti aircraft missiles were funded by the Saudis and sent to Lebanon from Misrata via Alexandria and Turkey and this by the testimony of the team working on board . Investigations conducted on the ground proved the presence of thousands of al Qa’ida fighters waiting to get their orders to carry on missions in Syria and in Lebanon which have been declared Jihad land , now if you want to convince yourself and convince your friend Rizzo who does not even know what Lebanon or Syria are like, you are free to do , but for us who are on the ground in Lebanon and in Syria we know for sure what is happening . We know for sure that if these were social protests , the 50000 Syrian Christians would not have been chased out of Homs and the four Christian Churches closed within Homs itself while another Christian quarter in Hama has been totally emptied recently and the church taken by the thugs , if you think that these are civil protests you are free to believe so , As for US and why it is not interfering , you should know that USA now is not the USA that invaded Iraq , USA now is defeated and bankrupt and it has left Iraq because it was defeated and because it went bankrupt and does not have the means to undertake or finance another military adventure and if you think that it is giving Assad the opportunity to finish the opposition and win over it than you must ignore the fact that most of the victims are from the Syrian army or innocent civilians that have nothing to do with the events and not from the armed opposition in the form of armed thugs . Assad was offered many deals on behalf of many belligerents to stop the attacks on Syria from US and Europe and Arab Gulf allies , provided Syria severs its ties with Iran and stops supporting Hizbulla which Syria refused to do . So seeing the quantity of misleading information you included in your post , i suggest that you refrain from writing until you gather enough actual sensible data about the real situation instead of relying on oudated information projected on actual facts and used in order to alter these actual facts . And seeing that you are in favor of a US military interference in Syria similar to the one in Iraq makes me wonder about your true affialiations and your true identity,

    May 13, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    • Daniel, we maybe discuss the historical facts mentionned in the original text rather than repeating Assad’s lies, Even a two years old kid can see that Alassad is the one who is hiding facts and oreventing the media, so just discuss a real facts like the people I know who spent 5 years in Assad prison just because they tried to cross the borders toward Israel, explain facts like no bullet is shot towards aisrael from Syria, and then we can have time to duscuss lies.

      May 14, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    • Man stfu, first of all assad bitch is protecting isreal you numb nut, second of all jolan was sold to isreal by d sob hafeez, third of all you are being brainwashed by assad family saying dt Sunni ppl are your enemy and dts bunch of bullshit cuz they are your brothers u brainwashed dumbass, fourth of all u say there are terriost in syria nd u say fsa are the ones?? Open your blind ass eyes they are protecting the innocence from getting killed and fighting for their freedom too cuz they know bashar lied to them about everything so that is why they defected and syrian govt are the terriosts cuz they are the ones who kill innocent ppl just because they are asking for freedom and as that progresses the regime pays the syrian news to lie about everything since day one. They tell ppl to say an lie of what they want you to say or you be killed.

      May 14, 2012 at 10:25 pm

  3. Justice for all

    A cleric who enjoys seeing his brothers either Shiite or Sunni slaughtered unfairly in Syria as your God Narullah does is not a just cleric,he is Satan! Only Shatan loves to see the blood of a human being.with all the killing in Homs this man denies there is anything happening in Homs.
    You mabsout are the trinity of lies and propoganda.

    May 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    • Well said, and Justice can not be justice if not for all, secterian ideologies and justice are not from the same planet

      May 14, 2012 at 6:51 pm

  4. Sara Swati

    i am grateful you say the same thing about me and Sayyed and i consider myself blessed , we are grateful that we live at the same time when Sayyed Hassan lived and our grand children will walk around proud that their grandfather lived the same time as Sayyed Hassan and i will be associated to his victories and to the glory of the RESISTANCE ; as for people who sided with the enemy , they will be cursed GENERATRION AFTER GENERATION. I am also proud to be on the side of president Assad even though i am a Christian from Lebanon . Assad is the second president after President Lahhoud who knew what the US Americans and NATO are worth for , when president Lahhoud told Madeleine Albright who had given him an urgent call: i have no time to waste on you and i need to sleep because i have work to do in the morning and he hung up on her.and in the same way i will hang up on you who call yourself Justice for none . SHAME ON YOU , when we are blessed with victories over Israel and when God has sent us the greatest Jewel that is this victory over the Israeli enemy some people go around …………

    May 14, 2012 at 4:44 pm

  5. Sara Swati

    @JUstice and Iyad , this is our reply , the reply of Mabsout and every honorable Arab whether Christian or Muslim or Sunni ,or Hindu whether president or average people, we are with the Resistance and our leader is Sayyed Hassan and we will never be defeated , so take ……………………..

    May 14, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    • Sara, sorry to delete one on you comment and some of your text in the two thers, I am open to civilized discussion, I will not accept to have anyone insulted here even yourself, so please try to behave yourself.
      I can not see any mentionning of your Sayyed in the text up, it is a true historical facts, that I wait every one here to discuss and maybe to explain (if collaborating with Israel can be explained!!!!!), you know that I was one of Hasan Nassralash fans before he reveal his secterian face and shout loud for less than hundred martyrs in Bahrain, and say nothing about Tens of thousands of Syrian killed, this is really immoral and totaly secterian behaviour that I can not accept.
      I was a fan of Hassan, but I am not his slave, and I am not the slave of anyone, I am free and my voice ui free, if you are free you will never have to justify your master (sayyed) moral crimes.

      May 14, 2012 at 6:47 pm

  6. Justice for all

    Notice Sarah and Daniel are the same people,they always come out in pairs like the Zionist rats,Iyad,they are the same persona,argue with one only.
    They are promoting sectarianism all over Facebook,using the Palestinian cause as their cover,they will Attack anyone that defies their god nasrullah,the king of nothing!

    May 14, 2012 at 8:52 pm

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